PNY Geforce 4 ti4600


Jan 28, 2004
I've been using this card with no problems for about 3 months now. Playing graphic intensive games without a single hiccup. Last night I'm playing Freelancer and I'm rotating a 3D view around my ship when all of a sudden my computer freezes (which it hasn't done ever with my current configuration - over one year). So I try the usual Alt-Tab and Alt-F4 with no luck....about 10 seconds later my computer shuts down and begins a reboot by itself. I notice blue lines on my windows startup screen and through the post. Just as it's about to get to the desktop, the screen goes black and I can't do anything with the computer. It's obviously the video card as I swapped it out with another card the next day and it works perfectly.

Questions: Can a game fry my videocard like that? And if so, should I not play that game anymore? Or was it a random incident and I should go about my gaming?

When a card fries like that, what are my options on replacing it? Call PNY? Call retailer? Buy a new card?



Jun 24, 2003
Probably just a defective card. A game wouldn't destroy your card, unless you were playing with your card seriously overclocked. You should be able to return it to either the manufacturer or possibly whoever you bought it from.

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