Question Possible GPU issue? Please help!

Nov 21, 2022
Greetings all,

I'm in the process of building my daughters a gaming PC for Christmas. I've just purchased a 2nd hand RX580 GPU and i've put just put it in my own fully built pc which works perfectly however after installing the drivers and trying to run time spy to benchmark it - the displays both just stopped working and i had to hard reset the PC. I've checked that the drivers are up to date as shown below.

I'm currently using a 850W ASUS ROG STRIX 850G White Edition, Full Modular, 80PLUS Gold PSU so it shouldn't be an insufficient power issue - it also works fine with my 3060Ti card.

Anyone else had this or knows what's going on? I suspect the GPU is naffed but i want to see what you guys think.


Confirm the vBIOS installed on the card is a proper one and not something tweaked for mining.

Beyond that, mining puts a lot of stress on the GPU memory, it may simply be bad. You can try underclocking the memory, that might make it work.

Honestly, just go pick up an RX6400 or something, save the hassle.


Did you ddu your drivers when you installed the card? ATI and Nvidia drivers don't necessarily play nice when you are switching back and forth between brands on the same PC. If you haven't done it yet make sure to go through the full process including disconnecting from the internet to avoid windows update backloading.