Possible new computer build- Help Needed


Aug 5, 2015
So I'm looking at building a new desktop for my Uni work and for gaming and generally keeping up with the new games that are coming out. My current laptop is about 4-5 years old and so is severely lacking in processing power and graphics at this point. As I said I will be in Uni, so cost is a problem mainly, however I will have a well paying job whilst I am there. I have already created a design for it which is as follows:

Processor- i5 4590 (3.3GHz)- £129.99
Motherboard- Asus Z97-E- £114.99
RAM- Kingston Hyper Fury X 16GB- £66.32
GPU- NVidia 970Ti- £259.99 x2
SSD Boot Disk- Samsung 850 Evo- £54.99
HDD Main Disk- Toshiba 3TB Internal HDD- £68.64
850W Power Supply- Corsair RM850- £119.59
Cooling- Corsair H60 HydroSeries- £60.27
Thermal Paste- Arctic MX4- £5.16
? Sound Card- Asus Sonar DSX- £29.99
Wireless Card- TP-Link- £24.99
OS- Windows Professional- £49.99
Monitors- Ilyama Pro-Lite 24"- 119.99 x2
Overall Cost: £1525.28

This is the design that I have made. Any feedback at all, whether it is stuff to add in, stuff to remove, places where the components can be found cheaper, or any feedback that will help will be hugely welcomed. Thank you in advance.
I don't know UK pricing very well, so I'll leave that to those whom do, but there are a few things I can tell you.

First, there is no 970 Ti, and currently the R9 390 is a bit better card at near or less cost, with more VRAM.

Second, 850w is way more than a 970 needs. For a 970 or 390, 28-30 amps, and 500-600 watts is plenty.

Third, unless you plan to OC quite high, a Hyper 212 EVO is sufficient, and does come with thermal paste (as do most coolers).

Also, while the Xonar DSX is a nice sound card, there are decent Z97 1150 MBs starting at about $105 (US) that are built for gaming and have the ALC1150 audio chip that supports DTS like the DSX. I say this because it's a cheaper alternative, and there's no telling how driver support for older sound cards will be going forward.


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