Possible PSU/CPU/CPU cooler problem


Nov 25, 2016
Hi, I have a problem where i turn on my computer (either from cold or standby) and the PSU clicks on and off constantly. After a while of letting it click on and off, flicking the master power switch on the psu, and hitting the on switch, it will eventually half boot.

In this half booted state the Psu l.e.d's stay lit, harddrive spools up, case fans DO NOT turn on, cpu fans DO turn on. I get a red warning light on MOBO, a white warning light that indicates either PSU/CPU/CPU cooler problems. No MOBO postcode (00). No feed goes to monitor. If left in this state for 5-10 mintues, then turned off and on again, i get a normal boot and everything is fine.

My cpu and ram is overclocked but i have tried reverting and still get the same issues. All help is greatly appreciated as the next step is repair shop which costs a decent amount of cash. Thanks!

i7 6700k OC @ 4.6ghz
MSI mpower titanium 7170 MOBO
kfa2 gtx1080 hof edition
Corsair vengeance 3000mhz 16gb
super flower leadex 850 watt 80+ gold PSU
samsung M.2 bootdrive
WD Mech hard drive
Corsair 240mm closed loop CPU cooler

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