Possible PSU problem?

Romy Siqueira

Nov 10, 2014
So, this problem kind of dates back to a few months ago. I was happily playing The Witcher 3 on my PC like i always do -- i go and grab myself a nice cold cup of water. But when i return to my PC i notice that my monitor was on standby (no display) and i thought "hmph, maybe i enabled power-saving mode"

I wiggled the mouse a bit: nothing, i pressed random keys on the keyboard: also nothing. Then i just thought my PC had crashed and did a hard reboot: LEDs light up - good! After a few minutes, still no display. So i open up the case to check it out from the inside.

I turned the PC on again, so here's when i started worrying:

My motherboard is an ASUS Z97 Gryphon: when you boot it up, it has LEDs next to each component (HDD_LED, DRAM_LED, CPU_LED) that will light up each at a time, whenever a component is defective the light stays on and the PC doesn't POST.

This time, even though the case LEDS and fans were on, none of the mobo leds lit up nor did the CPU Fan spin so i thought to myself "great, fried mobo". Then i decided to do a simple trick and removed and reseated the CMOS Battery and color me suprised: It booted up just fine.

Then i started putting the pieces together: A few weeks before this happened, i got a random shutdown followed by the message: "ASUS Anti-Surge detected powet supply surges during previous power on, the computer was turned off to prevent damage".

I looked it up online and people said that it was little too trigger-happy, so i just went on with it and said that if it happened again i would change my PSU.

After a few weeks of normal use - today it went BAM! Same exact problem, same solution: reset CMOS, everything boots up fine and dandy.

At this point i'm 99% positive that it's the PSU, since the CX-750 doesn't have the best reputation out there. But i need to know if it's really the PSU before biting the bullet and ending up throwing cash in the trash. I kept my PC turned off to prevent any damage if it's indeed the PSU.

All my friends either have those crappy PSU's that come in prebuilts or game on laptops so i have no one with a good PSU to boot my PC up.

Intel Core i7 4790

2X4GB HyperX Fury Red RAM @ 1666 MhZ

Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 280X Dual-X OC

1TB Western Digital HDD 7200RPM

ASUS Z97 Gryphon

Corsair CX-750

Assuming it's the power supply: I'm currently looking at an EVGA SuperNova B2 750W, is it a good idea to pair it up with my current system + an R9 390X and a Corsair H100i (i know it's kind of pointless for a locked CPU but it looks so good, plus i live in a pretty hot area so ambient temps can go as high as 35°C)?


Take out the graphics card and see how it works.
My CX500 had its caps blow out during use one day. System wouldnt turn on unless the graphics card was taken out (It wasnt producing enough power for a 7750).
Upgraded to the B2, it is an extremely nice unit for the price.

Romy Siqueira

Nov 10, 2014
Jesus! You guys are fast. Thank you all for the excellent answers and support!

I also should add:
This usually happens right after i get the ASUS Anti-Surge message; i forgot to add that i had this one other time and the same thing happened (no display or CPU fans spinning unless i reset CMOS)

I'll see if i can find a good quality PSU to test my rig on so i can be sure and snag the 750B2! :)


Jan 7, 2016

No problem! glad we could help. If you've got any other questions feel free to shoot me a message


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