Possibly dying PSU ?


Dec 5, 2015
Yesterday after a +5 hour session of highly modded skyrim my screen just went "no signal" . I then restarted the computer and relaunched the game and after 3 minutes the same issue occured , I thought a damn mod was flicking with the stability of the game again but it wasnt the case as I got the same "no signal" when i tried to stress test my videocard (furmark); though Temperatures didnt reach above 65C.
I've cleaned my videocard , changed thermal paste and all that good stuff and booted up , set gpu_z to monitor my temperatures while playing skyrim and it went "no signal" again (after like 10 mins of ok gameplay) at a temperature of 40C ; At that point I've thought it could be my PSU and that my videocard has abused it for too long (1.5 years of use). I went to sleep and woke up to my PC not booting up at all this time (boots up but no signal to the monitor ; I can hear the boot up beep) . I started investigating more taking the PC to my brother's house to switch parts between mine and his pc to test to see which part is causing this but unfortunately I cannot test my videocard on his system (Because of his weak psu lacking 8 pins connectors) .
I've switched my RAM with his , same issue Tried hooking up my pc to his monitor , same issue Didnt have enough time to test his power supply on my PC as it also seem like a bad idea since I couldnt hook my videocard to the system.
When I press the power button the computer fan's starts working , hear the beep but the monitor : "no signal"
I've tried unhooking any harddisk , switching the RAM around nothing fixes it.
Is it time to buy a new PSU with higher capacity (maybe a CX650M perharps?) or is there any other chance to fix it ? Also sometimes when i power it up too many times my videocard blasts its fans to 100% (happend about 5 times in 20 power ups) PC parts: PSU: CX500M Videocard: Gainward GTX970 Phantom RAM: 8 GB HYPERX FURY CPU: I5 4460

Update: it boots up with a gt 730 but not with gtx 970 , I think its the gtx 970 forcing high voltages on the poor PSU
Sounds like a PSU fault but only way to be sure is trying another. Your old CX500M is actually a low quality unit and I see loads of people complaining that they die after 1-2 years in gaming pc's. 500w is plenty as long as its a good quality unit.

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