Power efficient,Cool,Small form factor, PC


Nov 14, 2017
Im looking for a small PC, ,my room is not that big so i also need it to be power efficient so it dosen't heat up my room. I have dual monitor setup 1# Benq144Hz 2# Asus 60Hz. I do alot of schoolwork on my Wacom writing Pad and Phone. I would like to start using windows Ink.
I also want to play games ofc, all new titles in 2017 on high - ultra with smooth gameplay and no input lag!. Would like the pc to be very quiet aswell. I do not want to go over budget, 1 547,58 USD.
I already have windows 10 home OS 64bit. Overall, a PC that handles 1080p 144Hz gaming no issues. want to have my other monitor connected. to have other tasks running like youtube, or websites. Quite,cool,small,upgradeable if i want to make the jump over to 1440p.

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