Question Powerline adapter suddenly only downloading at 10% normal speed

Jun 15, 2022
I've had this TP Link AV600 powerline adapter for about a year at this point and it has worked just fine until yesterday. There was a power outage in the morning and ever since then, the adapter has only been downloading things at about a tenth of my internet's normal download speed (from 10 mbps to 1 mbps). The odd part is that my actual connection is fine. Watching videos and streams as well as playing games online has zero connection issues, it is only the download speed that seems to be affected. Even the upload speed is the same. I did the same speed test on my computer and my phone and my computer had drastically lower speeds. Could this be related to the aforementioned power outage? This was my guess but the issue specifically affecting download speed and nothing else seems weird to me.
It shouldn't matter a lot to power cycle them there is not much configuration in the first place.

It is unlikely but I guess it is possible that a power surge damaged one and there is little you can do to prevent this since powerline needs to be directly into a outlet.

I would put them both in a power strip to test. You want a really dumb powerstrip with no surge protect or other features. You could also try them in the same room. This is to eliminate that maybe it is some device in your house causing interference. Not sure why that would change because of a power outage.

Maybe try the computer into the router with a direct cable to rule out some strange issue with the computer.
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