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Sep 7, 2014
Hey gang,

I will soon be changing to Vodafone's FTTP service (they are the only ISP offering this in my area and the price is cheaper than other ISP's FTTC)m however, going by many reviews on their router/modem combo it is pretty crap with range and software functionality. If I use another router I cannot to use my landline which I still need. So I was going to experiment with some powerline adapters. I'm currently looking at the Netgear ethernet PL1000/PLP1000s since I've never had issues with Netgear kit before.

I have stayed away from any powerline kit since there used to be overheating issues and fires when they first came out years ago so I don't know how much they have improved. I like the idea of the passthrough so I don't lose a power socket, but I am concerned with what can be plugged in. Can anything that would normally be plugged into the wall be plugged into the adapter? Folks in the house will probably want to plug in extension cords each with other devices that require large powered adapters of their own since this will be in bedrooms. I remember something about large desk/floor cooling fans being a no-no a long time ago. I suppose I could plug the powerline into the extension cord itself while that is plugged into the wall, but I'm expecting quite a loss of network speed and data degradation that way.

Anyway, am I worried about nothing or should I play safe and ignore the passthrough devices if I cannot control what people will plug into them?
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If you take the passthough units apart...there are guys on youtube that do it for you.... You will see that the pass though plugs are basically solid pieces of metal that go though the unit and into the outlet. Even if the powerline units completely fail the pass though should work. It is basically a long plug extension kinda like those multiplug wall plates you can buy.

I suspect if you were to say plug something like a air condition or heater into them they could have a issue. Pretty much like how you melt wall outlets with those type of appliances. This is where buying from a large company is good. Their devices likely meet all the standard required by government safety boards for you country. The ones you buy directly from china I would not trust as much to have gotten all the approvals.
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