Question Pre-built system

Mar 7, 2019
Hey. I didn’t have a desktop and really wanted one for gaming. Actually I was planning on building one, but my father bought a pc for my birthday.
I am supposed to be very excited but I’m panicking and crying because I’ve read that power supplies used are awful etc...We already paid A LOT for shipping since I don’t live in US, so returining is not an option (+ my dad is really mad at me for doubting). Anyways, should panic, not use it and buy something like Corsair CX+ bronze PSU (the only one I can actually get at my country and not pay twice for shipping) or this system should be fine if I don’t upgrade it? (I would still buy a different pau within 6 months) Secondly, if I buy PSU, should I get 650 W or 750 W? Lastly, is this computer good? I’m not a professional gamer, but I want a decently performing pc. You can be honest because i’ve ran out of emotions at this point


Can't really answer that question until you have it:

Power Supply600W 80+

All they list.

Everything else is going to be merely "Okay". From the picture they used a B360 motherboard, which is a bit of a cheat. You won't be able to overclock your very overclockable CPU (Though the picture shows a stock Intel cooler, which would not have come with that processor, so the picture probably doesn't match the build)

And they completely leave off details like the motherboard specs, the memory speed, and the CPU cooler.

From recent reviews they also tend to do the bare minimum setup on these things. When you get it you'll want to go through the BIOS and look at the settings.

Your Dad wasn't really ripped off. But, this is a case where you buying parts on your own would have gotten you higher quality / more appropriate parts for such an expensive build.