'Prey' Demo Now Available On Consoles, PC Requirements Published

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[quotemsg=19621127,0,2452295]I guess this means they are confidant in their PC version. (optimistic)[/quotemsg]

It's based on Doom 2016's engine, so they've already got a big head start on making it work well on PC. Probably just not ready for showtime yet, and instead of making a PC demo, their focusing those efforts on making the game run properly. Which is often a choice that needs to be made in the industry today, making a demo or reducing Day 1 bugs. One of the many reasons you don't see that many demos these days.

Console demos are easy, because there's no hardware variation. If it works on one PS4, it'll work on them all, great, ship it. PC is obviously more complicated. Who knows, maybe it's not working great on a particular brand of GPUs right now or something and they'd rather not ship a demo that demonstrates that.


Aug 29, 2015
No way to reply to comments here? Strange. Anyway, I think there was no PC demo because they didn't want to add extra work. On consoles, you can add all files and libraries needed to run the engine and the content in the "demo" areas. If you played the console demo, you likely noticed there were areas that seemed to be complete although you couldn't access them. If they released that on PC, we'd find away to get through and into areas that abruptly end. So, it was likely just "easy" to load 10% of the software on consoles and program a few doors not to open, and "hard / time consuming" to clip out everything beyond the door (incomplete maps) and seal it up for a PC version. No evidence, just opinion here.
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