problem noone can figure out


Mar 9, 2004
First system stats, 2.4 Pentium, asus p4pe mobo, kingsten 512 2700 ram, western digital 80gig 7200 8mb hard drive.

I purchased a chaintech 5700 ultra w128mbs and xp home

I was running xp professional for about a year (so a lot of junk programs slowing down my system) and a leadtech 4600 ti 128mb and scored 10500 on 3dmark 2001 and 1700 on 3dmark2004, with default settings

I throw in the 5700 with out upgrading to home, to make sure the card worked, scored a 11800 on 3dmark. I had a little trouble getting the card in and moved my one chip of ram to 3 dimm, but got it back to 1 dimm with a little work (this may be the cause of problem)

So I know my new card works, so formatted my c drive, threw in home xp ( lost professional during move back from college )and do the following

Install new drivers from disk, drivers match the newest on nvidias web page
Installed xp updates
Install directx 9

Install 3dmark2001 score 9000, 1400 on 2004 no clue why so low

I tried installing every driver I could find, old and new, from chaintech and nvidia

Updated my bois

Still nothing

I ran the identical test settings, killed windows backup, killed all unnecessary processes, cant remember doing anything different to old set up. I don’t think it is the different between professional and home, couple hundred points, no biggie, but 20% different that is not right

So I threw in old card to see if its something with new card, old card runs almost identical numbers as new card 8900 and 1400, this makes me think there is something else bottle necking the video card, any one have an idea. Could I have damaged, but not broke, my ram when moving it. Could it be a seated wrong

Am I forgetting to install something?

Over clocked my Pentium to 2.53 and video card, scores don’t change, I am so confused please help


Dec 31, 2007
Did you install the Intel Chipset drivers.

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If your RAM was damaged or not seated properly, it would most likely crash, or simply not boot up at all. It wouldn't run slower.

Unless perhaps the BIOS detected it differently and has set your ram to slower timings? But that could account for a very, very slight decrease in 3dMark03 scores... like 25 points maybe, certainly not in the hundreds.

Did you use the same detonator/forceware drivers for all those 3dmark tests?

Older detonators had cheats that boosted 3dMark scores quite a bit. That would easily explain the difference.

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Oct 1, 2003
<b>"Did you install the Intel Chipset drivers."</b>

What he said, I don't see that you installed from your description above

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Mar 9, 2004
i thought the chipsets might have something to do with it, but i never updated them with professional, so i didnt think that mattered, maybe i did and forgot, or a prof update did it. Thanks, will try when i get home tonight.

the first time around i used the drives on the cd, didnt waste time getting the most update of all the drivers being i planned on reinstalling xp, just wanted to make sure it was working, thanks