Problem with hard disk controller, Windows doesn't start

Sep 25, 2018
I have a HP probook 450 with Windows 7 ultimate,recently I updated all of its drivers using a 3rd party software,The following day when I turned it on,my laptop just froze up in the "starting windows" thing,and then it shows up a blue screen with message saying that the problem was the hard disk controller then my laptop restarts automatically and goes to the menu where it shows start windows normally and launch startup repair.The status repair did not solve the problem so I did some digging and used the command prompt from the system repair tools to solve it, when I restarted the lap it shows safe mode bla bla bla and then start windows normally,selecting start windows normally I found that the problem still persists, restarting again and by pressing F8 key shows the menu with every option except system repair,I could not fix it using USB boot what shall I do to fix it?
if it tossing a code make sure the sata controller in the bios was not changed. if it was from achi to raid or ide windows will barf at start up. the tool you used may have been a big virus program. from a clean pc make a usb rescue stick run it see if the pc is clean. with safe mode it now under advance start up. you should see the option now whe nthere 3 boot failures in a row.



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