Question Problem with Music and Pictures folders location ?


Apr 21, 2019
Hello. My HDD with my files was dying, so I got a new drive. I had changed the location in properties from my C drive to the now drive before. I copy and pasted all my music, photos, and documents to the new drive. I then removed the old drive, and changed the drive letter of the new drive to the same letter as the dying drive. The Pictures, Music, Documents, and Downloads link in the left pane no longer worked, so I Right clicked and went to properties to change the location to the new drive folders. It worked fine for Downloads and Documents, but I accidentally changed the location of the Music to the pictures folder, making it move my music to the pictures folder, then changed the location of pictures to the same (correct) folder. Now my music and pictures link pointed to the same folder.

Realizing my mistake, I made a new Music folder then moved the music to it. I changed location of the music to that folder, but accidentally selected it to move files, so it moved pictures to the music. I then remade a pictures folder then moved the pictures to it. I then changed location of pictures, but this time selected no to moving files. My pictures pointed to correct folder, but music pointed to it too. I changed the location back to music for the music link, but the pictures started to link to that. I then moved the pictures back and now the music links to that.

It looks like the drive has 2 Pictures folders both with the pictures icon, but one points to my music. I cannot seem to be able to link it correctly as it changes the other one. I ended up trying to link it correctly again and the music folder just disappeared taking my files with it. I have backups, so not a big deal, but I still need this fixed. I also tried going to registry editor and selecting the correct path in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders", but it is still the same. What can I do? Should I reinstall Windows?


Win 10 Master
you can try system restore and see if there was a restore point created before the changes
type "restore" then open "create a restore point"
create a new Restore Point now for C-drive
then open the newest restore point that is prior to the problem happening (if you have one)

otherwise, if the files are still in the same locations, its just windows that is messed up, I would just reinstall again as its the fastest answer

messing up library folder locations is a pain