Question Problem with new windows

Mar 20, 2019
Hey, I have a problem that needs to be solved. I recently installed windows on my rig. It's a 1060 6 Gb with i5-6300K and 8GB ram with 2333MHz.I have 2 monitors, an old one that doesn't fit with the graphics card, and one that does. The one that doesn't is plugged into the onboard graphics. Whatever, the problem is that the computer and games won't read 1060, only the onboard graphics. So games like Skyrim that worked just fine on Ultra settings on the old windows, now run on low just like in the image. Any tips would be helpful. Forgot to mention that the old Windows was Windows 10 and the one I installed is the same version.The drivers are fine, so are the cables.
i think the only way would be to disconnect the cable from the onboard memory so its forced to use the dedicated GPU.

your best bet to make sure this doesn't happen again is go purchase the proper adapter so you can have both monitors connected to the 1060