Question Problem with secondary drive (bitlocker).

Mar 16, 2020
Hello everyone,
There's a laptop with preinstalled Win10 onboard (SSD M2.). This drive isn't devided into disks partitions C and D. It comprises partition C only. And also it is used Bitlocker for this drive.

The laptop configuration also allows connection of secondary drive. I did it, and I can with F12 perform selection of disks in boot menu.

However, I faced with a problem that brought me to here. The point is whatever I did the BitLocker locks secondary disk with another OS (as far as I understand) and I'm getting "blue screen" as it's shown here .
Perhaps anyone ever faced with such an issue.
Moreover, when first drive is detouched the secondary drive is still locked and while booting the system returns surprisingly the same "blue screen".
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