Problem with starting new computer


Aug 13, 2006
I am having problem with starting my psu both 24 pins one is with 20/4 pin

only way for my psu to start up is jumpstarting it. (using a paperclip and connecting the green and black wire)
I have tried on 2 different psu and 2 different motherboard
I have tried to start it up with only my mobo connected, with everything connected and without anything connected except for a couple of fans.

I have the OCZ 700w and also a thermatake purepower 680w
my MBs are gigabyte 775 d3sr and evga 680i sli se
i mixed and matched both of them but still doesnt work with any combo, only way for psu to turn on is with jump start.
im pretty sure my front panel wiring is correct, since the psu starts up with my jumpstart with them connected

im not sure what the problem is and ran out of any ideas to try to get my psu started with everything connected. any help would be great


Nov 2, 2006
Is it possible you have a bad case switch? Install the CPU, memory, and video card. Then, hook everything up except for the front panel wiring. Then, find the 2 pins that the power switch connects to. Briefly short them using something metal or even a jumper block cap. If all is well, the system should start when those 2 pins are shorted.