Question Problems after installing then removing WiFi extenders

May 21, 2019
Internet Speed Slower and Poorer Wireless Performance after installing and then uninstalling wifi extenders.


So basically. Our smart TV was unable to utilize our internet's full speed (75 down / 7 up) and so we bought a WiFi range extender to hopefully increase the performance. The extender was installed using the WPS button on the extender itself and the WPS button on the router. After testing the extended network where the TV was located, the speed was actually signifcantly slower than our base internet speed. So, we decided to return the extender until we find another solution. Now here's the problem: our WiFi's performance has decreased considerably and our internet speed is slower than before. This was tested by doing internet speed tests using Before, the speed that I was getting to my PC in my room through ethernet via a powerline adapter was 73 Mbps, and now it's only reporting around 58-60. The same issue is observed on phones and other wireless devices connected to the internet via the WiFi.

Why is our internet negatively affected after taking the extenders out? Was the network spliced somewhere or something? How can this be fixed so that my internet is completely restored to its advertised speed?

Thank you in advance
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