Processor comparisons

manas naidu

Jan 24, 2010
actually i want to buy a new system as now i have much more work to do on system. I am engaged in website creation and software development and imaging. So I want a system which can fulfill my multimedia requirements. I want performance based system. As today i m thinking of purchasing a c2q q9650 processor with 8 gb of ram... so give me ur worth full suggestions which processor is better for me...
and pls also give me some idea about motherboards...
waiting 4 ur reply

Well what motherboard do you have? This will help us see if you can save money just by a cpu upgrade or not.

Also whats your budget?

Now for cpu, unless you needing the 3GHz speed, i would save $60 over the Q9650 and get the Q9550 at 2.83GHz.

Now if your motherboard cant handle the C2Q's then i would recommend the newer core i7 920, i7 860, or i5 750 (all these are cheaper cpu's than the q9650).

Core i7 920 motherboard.

Core i7 860 and core i5 750 motherboard

Also with the core i7's you'll need ddr3 ram.

Core i7 860/ core i5 750 (get 2 sets of these if you want 8GB.)

or if you chose the core i7 920, then you have the possiblity of using the X58 tripe channel memory feature.

Although the way triple channel works out, if you were only using 2gb ram's, you can have 6gb or 12 GB of ram.

Now if you dont care for triple channel then you can always run dual channel on x58 motherboard. Just use the ram i mentioned for the core i7 860/ i5 750.

total cost between core i7 920, 860, i5 750 for Cpu, MB, and ram.

Core i7 920: $598.97 (with $20 mail in rebate on ram that $578.97)

Core i7 860: $479.97 with 4GB of ram / $564.96 with 8gb of ram.

Core i5 750: $399.97 with 4GB / $484.96 with 8GB

Now if you got a Microcenter near you,

Then you can get some major deals on the core i7's as both are only 229.99

They also have the core 2 quad 9550. In cart they show a the cpu price at $179.99

Down side though. these are store pick up items only.

Well hope this helps.