Question Processor may be running hot, need help figuring out why


Sep 20, 2016
I just got a new i7-2600K for my desktop to replace my i5-2300. I'm using the stock cooler that it came with (I know it's not the best, but my old fan is on the fritz). My BIOS is consistently reading that the CPU temp is hovering around 71 degrees Celsius when it's nearly completely idle (all I am doing is sitting in the BIOS watching the numbers). Open Hardware Monitor, on the other hand, is reading more reasonable temperatures for the cores when booted into Windows, hovering between 39-41 degrees Celsius. I've put the processor and heatsink (with new thermal paste) in three separate times and got the same results. So, which numbers do I trust? If Open Hardware Monitor is right, then I think I'm in the clear. If the number in my BIOS is right, then I need to figure out what's going on because I don't want to damage my new processor.
The fan runs and my cooling paste coverage is fine as far as I can tell.
Below is a link for a screenshot of my OHM readings, which should also show some relevant hardware information:
There are some other temperatures in the image, be sure to look under my i7-2600K.
Thank you for your time!


Trust them both as both are correct. Bios does not idle the cpu because it's as simple as a running environment can get so there are no extra cpu states other than on or off. The only reason to care about bios temps is on a new pc (or no os/troubleshooting) since if you are overheating there, you will have issues. But you aren't overheating anywhere so you are good.