Question Program/window becomes unclickable/invisible to mouse click

Aug 17, 2019
I've had this problem since I reinstalled Windows about a year ago. I find it a bit difficult to describe, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Basically any program that uses audio/video/graphics (i.e. digital audio workstation programmes, Sony Vegas and even Paint, Photoshop etc. though NOT Chrome or other web browsers) that I don't use for 10-15 minutes become unclickable or "invisible to mouse click", in lack of a better description. It will click right through whatever program or window it might be and simply click onto the next one behind it. I.e. I might have Sony Vegas open for a while, not use it, then I will want to use it (or close it), but clicking the "x" to close it just closes whatever window is behind it instead and leaves Vegas running. I am unable to click within the program too. I have since found out that I can right click the program in taskbar to minimize and maximize the window again and that will give me access to the program and make it active again.

Anyone know what might have caused this or know of a solution?