PSU for 970

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This is a debate, no need to go using inappropriate language and criticising users, criticise the post.

The CXM PSU's use 1 Japanese capacitor, that's it. It is rated for 85 degrees c.

I am not saying it won't run the setup, i am saying it is not recommended to do so with overclocking. I am not to be held responsible for a power supply taking out another system.



May 26, 2013

I don't see any inappropriate language...perhaps you're just mad you have no actual evidence that this is a bad power supply. "I am not saying it won't run the setup".... then shutup? He Is asking for a psu to run a 970 and I've given him a great bang for buck one. This "debate" is over as you don't bring anything usefull to it but your "capacitor" opinion which you no doubt read on a forum where someone read from a forum etc etc.

Like I said before, reviews for this power supply are nothing but good. Both expert and user reviews.

Also....1 Japanese capacitor? You do realise they are good quality capacitors right? The Taiwanese capacitors are the inferior product. 85ºC? Oh damn, so inferior to a supply with a 90ºC rated capacitor at double the price.
I just hope people start realizing the importance of caps over modularism, no point in debating over that. It's an obvious fact that you won't get any benefit with less cables when the PSU itself finds it hard to support the system. OP has chosen his PSU, EVGA G2 750W, extremely high quality, much much better than CXM, end of story.
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