Question PSU for RTX 2070 Super?

Sep 28, 2019
Good morning. I a few days I'll finally be buying and building my new PC. All the components have been selected, except though the Power Supply that will be used in this build.

More exactly, I'll be buying an Intel i7 - 8700k, a Z390 compatible motherboard, 2 2TB HDDs, 1 250GB SSD and 4 fans overall, from which the 3 also have LED lighting.

The site that I'll be buying by GPU from says that the minimum power requirements come up to 650W, a statement which I would love if someone can verify.

Now, in my region the prices and especially prices for electronics are overall very high and my budget has already been surpassed, so I have these two budget PSUs in my consideration:

1) Corsair CX Series CX650M
2) Be Quiet System Power 9 700W CM

The first one, which I naturally trust more as it's a Corsair costs 20€ more than the second one, but provides 50W less of power (a breathing room that I would enjoy).

Additionally, I'm already not fond of the idea of paying the 80€ that the Corsair one costs as well and I would really prefer the second one, but if there's such a high quality discrepancy between the two products and/or the build that I've put together doesn't need all that power in the first place, then I'll be forced to select the Corsair one, as I don't want to risk at all the life of such an expensive PC.

Thank you in advance for your tips :)


Sep 25, 2019
Recommended MINIMUM PSU for a 2070 Super is 550W, but recommended is 650W for optimal performance due to the power efficiency curve, which is just the amount of power delivered to the system the more load is called upon the PSU relative to its max rated output. Simply speaking, the more power you need the more total power you are unable to send to your system due to AC - DC conversion turning power into heat.

So the corsair will hold you fine for the 2070 Super, the latest nvidia GPU's are much more power efficient compared to older gens.