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Question PSU issues or something else?

Jun 27, 2020
I had recently encountered this issue after trying to cold start my PC, motherboard LED lights up but pressing the power button does not start the system immediately. I had to walk away from the system for anywhere between 1 ~ 30 minutes before the system would miraculously start up.

Replaced almost everything in the system with known good components and nothing seems to solve this issue. The following components were changed:
  • CPU (8700k -> 9600k)
  • RAM (Removed all 4 slots and slotted in a 16gb known good 2666mhz ram on 1 slot)
  • GPU (RTX 2070S -> RTX 2060 -> GTX 980ti -> GTX 970 -> GTX 680)
  • MOBO (Asus Prime Z370A-II -> Gigabyte Aorus Gaming WIFI Z370)
  • HDD (Removed all HDD and a backup WD Black)
  • Cables (Replaced all SATA cables with new cables and switched my current PSU cables with my wife's)
I had also tested the PSU and it's able to jump-start under no-load condition.

Everything is pointing to a probable PSU issue but I am still uncertain whether is that the case. 650W should be plenty for this system unless I had miscalculated.

Had anyone bumped into this issue before? I am scratching my head over this and are wondering the following:
  1. Whether could it be my PSU that is failing
  2. Is my PSU able to keep up with the system demands?
Here's my system specs:
General Specs
Intel 8700k @ 4.9GHz
Asus Prime Z370A-II
32gb (8gb x 4) of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM @ 3200mhz
Zotac RTX 2070S AMP!

TS512GMTE110S x2
Samsung 860 EVO 1TB
2TB Toshiba Mechanical HDD 7200RPM x3

Coolermaster MWE 650W

This occurred on Friday after I reached home from work, system refuses to power up without forcing me to walk away to brew a couple of pots of coffee first.
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