PSU wattage ???


Apr 30, 2016
Is the Corsair CX550M plus bronze ( gray one not green) enough for my gtx 1070 and ryzen5 1600, im planning to to overclock CPU to 3.9-4.0 and GTX1070 too , i check my wattage in coolermaster website and they said 494W reccomended, according to what they said on Corsair website the CX550M can pull 550W on +12V rail ( how is that possible since it is a plus bronze PSU)



You'll have just enough with a little bit of headroom (not much, mind you.) If it was the green (Builder Series) CXM, I would recommend upgrading it too. Thankfully the Gray label models aren't as low rated for their power output

It's common to see a single 12v rail on a PSU hit, or come near PSU rated power out. Its fairly common to see the combination of all rails max power draw to exceed that of the PSU's rated output. So, it's important to look at power draw for each rail (making sure not to exceed each rail's max AND the combined rail max, which is rated power out.)

[Edited for clarity.]

[EDIT 2:] My color reference is attempting to define between Builder Series CX and the improved CX versions and has nothing to do with 80+ ratings (which can unfortunately be gamed.)

Their not a green 550 watt.
You have plenty of power.
That PSU caluclator is wrong you have a 65 watt processor and about a 160 watt video card you might pull 350 watts total after overclocking running a full system stress test.
For the 550 watt on just Bronze + that has absolutely nothing to do with how many watts a PSU can put out.
That is just the efficiency of converting power from AC from the wall outlet to DC for the PC.