[SOLVED] PSU wont start with cpu power plugged in

cycle motion

Sep 15, 2019
So I'm making a mining rig and and I have everything up and build and everything is brand new except the cpu " i5-8600k LGA1151" and a 2 8gb sticks of ram which have no problem. i was recently mining in my old computer with those parts until i got my 3080 which i got yesterday and so i switch over to the rack i bought and everything works until i plug in the cpu power and i have a link with the video of the socket and some VRM blocks and they look fine and i even put the old cpu back in the old pc to make sure i didn't <Mod Edit> it up and it still works so i don't understand the issue. The MB is brand brand new just opened it yesterday and no bent pins whatsoever. I tried switching the cpu cables and that didnt work . Also my psu is a "SilverStone Tek 1300 Watt".
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