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Question PUBG on GTX 1060 3GB. Slow loading buildings due to lack of VRAM?

Problem: When a buddy of mine plays PUBG, he'll jump out the plane and land on the ground. It takes 15 seconds for any of the buildings to load in for him, and his character will usually die before that time. Please read below and advise me on most likely cause of this problem.

Observations about rig: It's an HP pre-built. His GPU is 82C according to speccy; I assume that it's a blower style cooler, because of temp and the fact that it's a pre-built. His 8GB of RAM is one stick and hence only single channel. His 1060 only had 3GB of VRAM. When my friend and I talk on discord, his voice does get robotic from time-to-time, which makes me wonder if there is a problem with his internet, or perhaps discord doesn't router voice traffic properly where he lives. When he runs speedtest.net, it shows his full 25/6 mbps, but of course that doesn't reflect if there are dropped packets or not.

-- specs --
i7-7400 / 8GB (8GB x 1) / gtx 1060 3GB / 1TB WD 7200 HDD.

internet provider: AT&T DSL 25 mbps down / 6 mpbs up

connectivity: wired; computer is two feet away from router.
Is his CPU staying at decent temps?
is he using all his Ram?
Update or reinstall drivers recently? if not may be a good idea.
Discord being robotic is probably more of a sign or poor internet connection, I don't think it would impact the load time of building in PUBG

I could see 3gb of Vram having some limitations but don't think the lack of Vram is the issue, there are a lot of people running those cards with no issue. The temperature of his GPU is the only thing that sticks out to me other than kinda poor internet potentially. Redoing the thermal paste on his GPU could help that, maybe add another case fan if there is space for one.

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