[SOLVED] Putting a old hard drive into a new computer

Dec 29, 2018
Ok ever since I was little I wanted a fast gaming PC. And when I was 12 I finally got one. But that was good enough for Minecraft. Then i started getting into games like GTA and other more graphic card and processor heavy games. Now fast-forward at to today, and I bought myself a 500w power supply for my computer and a new G-Force 1060 graphics card, not knowing I needed a processor to, because right now I'm running games like GTA at Max CPU. But the problem is my current motherboard is too small for my processor I bought. And My case is too small for a new bigger motherboard. So I bought a new processor and a new motherboard, and for Christmas I got a new computer tower. And all I need now is ram which I'm getting soon for another Christmas present. Now all we have to do is build it... But that's the problem, keep in mind that I am 15 and my dad is 41 and we are not computer experts. So when we are all done assembling my computer the oldest piece of hardware in my computer is going to be my hard drive from when I got my computer. So I am wondering if I take my hard drive and put it in my new computer will everything still work. What will happen, of course it's not going to recognize the motherboard and new processor but currently on it is all my video game data and (GTA online, and other games), Windows 10. So what will happen if I put my hard drive from my computer into my new computer.
If you used your old hard drive you might need to install Windows again, for everything to work smoothly.
You could try just placing the hard drive and you might end-up with compatibility issues that might pop up now or later.

If you want to take that chance, make sure to remove old drivers from the device manager related to the old system before removing the hard drive. That way there might be lefts conflicts.