Q code 00 error red cpu led??


Jun 23, 2014
Hey all I'm wondering if someone can help me do I buy a new cpu or motherboard as I think one of them is gone or going right here goes from the beginning. I just had delivery of my new just cause 3 collectors edition yesterday so I couldn't wait to play it so I thought I'd download it while I take dogs for a walk. So I started PC up as normal it posted up normal got to Windows 10 logo but Windows wouldn't load up but I've had this s few times in the past nothing to worry about so I just restarted PC like before and it usually loads up normal to desk top then. But it got to the asus logo then straight after that there was an error cpu over voltage error I've also had this once or twice before and I usually just press continue to load to desktop but this time I thought I'd go into settings to check voltage in the bios screen as it ask if you want to do this so I thought I would. Well I got in to it and could see voltage was high so I thought I'd go back out and restart I've only had this error since upgrading to Windows 10. Well anyway I tried to exit and but I couldn't do anything everything was frozen mouse buttons the lot I couldn't leave bios page I waited like 10 minutes but nothing so I had to press restart well this is where the problems begin it will not post at all no picture no beep nothing error code 00 with the cpu led lite up red. I've tried resting bios switching bios flashing bios to latest version. Mem OK button I've taken cpu out checked for bent pins nothing all looks good if I take cpu power cable out cpu led goes out then. All fans are spinning as normal even cpu fan it all looks normal apart from the red cpu led I read a review about people not connecting 16 and 8 pin connectors but mine are all connected tidy as I've Been running PC since May without much problems. I've tried everything from the same problem I read on another forum but nothing. I think my cpu has gone I was just about to order another one but I thought I'd ask on here 1st. I can exchange my motherboard but as I bought it from pixmania didn't realise they are in France. But the cpu my mate gave me so I'm not to bothered I'll just buy one and can have it here for tomorrow to try and if it's not that I'll just resell it and rma the motherboard which I've started the process of doing but before I take it all apart get motherboard out send it to France and obviously not gonna get it back this side of Christmas. I wanted to try cpu. Don't think it's my psu as that's not very old but it's still powering everything normally and test button shows everything is normal with psu. My rig specs are Windows 10 pro asus rampage v extreme i7 5930k corsair ax 1200i corsair h100i cpu cooler G Skill Ripjaws 4 32GB Kit DDR4-2666 MHz 2x evga Titan X 12gb sc sli. I'm just don't know what else to do shall I order a cpu or motherboard or both and just resell whatever is ok? Thanks any help would be appreciated.