May 10, 2008
Well I've gotten my Q9450 to 3.6ghz with a measly 1.275V (and LLC), and trying to get it to 3.7ghz within reasonable voltages (for me) is a bit more difficult.

I wouldn't like to go over 1.3 or 1.32ish because with LLC enabled that means my overall voltage is higher than if i didn't have LLC enabled, and thus i do not believe that the intel spec sheets took this into account. Also, here is an article on the "bad" side of LLC:

It's a bit confusing, but the gist of it says that the vdroop serves to make sure that the voltage on the CPU never goes above the set BIOS voltage ever. When you turn LLC on, the voltage spikes (resulting from changing CPU load) will go above the set bios level, and thus if i had 1.36 V in bios, i could be potentially getting 1.38V spikes (above intel's spec obviously)

So, in lieu of that, lets take a look at my CPU. I am able to have it prime95 (small ffts) stable for about an hour before it crashes with these settings.

Computer Specs:
Q9450 @ 3.6ghz
Asus P5Q-E
Cosair Dominator 1066 @ 927 w/ 5-5-5-15 (probably could loosen, but im gonna keep it this way until i get my overclock sorted out).
Xigmatek S1283 (with an old Dell fan which i solded the wires from into the intel stock fan's 4-pin connecter so i could get fan control) (max rpm is 4k, and 150cfm)
Vistontek HD4870 @ 840/1000
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500gb 32mb cache
P&PC Silencer Quad Red 750W
Antec 1200 Case

Then, Bios settings

CPU multi: 8
FSB: 463
PCI-E clock: 100
FSB strap to NB = Auto (changing it did nothing/decreased stability)
RAM clock: 927 @5-5-5-15

CPU voltage:1.3000
GTL 0/2 : .635
GTL 1/3: .670
PLL voltage: 1.54
VTT voltage: 1.28
DRAM voltage: 2.1 (it can run at 1.8, but im playing it safe once again, spec'd for 2.1 also)
NB voltage: 1.28
NB GTL voltage: Auto
SB voltage: Auto
PCI-E SATA voltage: Auto

LLC: Enabled

Evreything else on auto, i included the last three before LLC, becaus i believe i could possibly do something with thme (espically nb gtl and sb volt) to improve stability.

Anyway, any tips or suggestions on voltages/settings to change to improve stability would be greatly appreciated.

*Note* I know that increasing the voltage a bit might solve the problem, but i would rather stay away from that in lieu of that article i linked above (as i have LLC enabled)


Sep 3, 2007
Grow some balls and up the V-core, or be happy with what you got. Thats a nice OC already for 8x multi.

Or try 500x 7

If it was me with your components, I would up the vcore and try 500 x 7.5

P5Q's can run 500 easy.

Are you on a release Bios or have you updated your Bios to the latest. If you havent updated to the latest do so. The latest overclocks a little better.