QOTD: How Would You Run Microsoft Differently?

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I think I'd get back to my core business of making a great OS. Just keep the features frozen at what we have now and completely rewrite the code for efficiency. Just keep tweaking it until it was uber tight stable and responsive.

I'd focus on speed and compact code/footprint. Also, programs and apps would all use their own directories and not entangle themselves in the os.

Also, i'd dump the 32 bit versions and the multiple sku's and just 1 sku for desktops...ultimate.

There would be a "lite" version for embedded devices and net tops and such.

The next "version" would just be a complete rewrite of the code based on what we learned with the first version...so in other words...write a new os, tweak, then a total optimized rewrite of the same thing, then a new os...like the intel tick tock strategy.

I'd also price this at $150.00 and allow ppl to make a backup/customized install and include better imaging /restore software.

The xbox 360 would stay as is for now, MSN would go.


Jan 23, 2009
[citation][nom]MrF430[/nom]Wow, look at you go! You dont give up do you??? Ok, listen, I did admit to being a bit harsh in the way I responded to his post. Whats really interesting is how you mention that all I had to do was BE NICE! Well if that isnt hypocritical, I dont know what is! I dont understand how on gods green earth you can seriously imply Straw man on my post!!! Which leads me to believe that maybe you just, glance at the words in front of you, never actually reading them. My post made clear and perfect sense, furthermore if your tactic is to discredit what I have said with baseless remarks, please keep them to yourself. Its beyond my comprehension really! I mean, you seem like a fairly intelligent person, but you cant make sense of a proper retort??? You said: "Then you call him either a Nix user Or a Mac user but conveniently left out a Windows user. Why? Because Windows users are high and mighty like yourself? That gives you the right to go dissing people?". I then told you to refer back to the 5th paragraph in your post where YOU quoted MY post in which I explain in clear english, why I dont believe he could be a win user. Yes it is possible he uses win, but really, not probable! How else do you want me to explain that for you!?!?!?Wow you can point out the obvious! Yes I asserted my opinion of him! Yes I was a bit harsh! Now what? Whats your point?And finally, ever hear of sarcasm? You know, my post you just quoted, in case you didnt notice, that entire bit was addressed in as sarcastic a manner as possible! Let me put it differently for you:How long have you been around the internet scene my friend? Long enough to know that people of all kinds have been using sarcastic statements (when relevant) to get their point across? And this short, unprofound style of sarcasm has been tossed around all over the internet itself for ages!We can go round and round nonstop for as long as you like, but Im getting a bit tired of this...[/citation]

what goes around comes around!! guess if you are mean to people, expect people to be mean to you. Such is life.


I agree with making xbox live free or at the very least much much cheaper. Its better that people spend the subscription money on other games. I guess they could also incorporate a points system.. for each month you are a member you get points that can be redeemed to purchase good games, not just the downloadable crap. You could also have developers of games make the soundtracks to the games downloadable to the Zune. That would be sweet!

Focus on making the Zune better and possibly using the idea of HP's pocket drive and making the zune an insertable disk for the xbox that you could then play the music off of or carry game data from box to box. Cross-sell baby!

Ditch IE and propose a deal with firefox so they ditch Google. That would pretty much instantly increase search shares.

Make office part of the "professional" or "business" version of windows operating system.

Put more money into the open source community. Offer to sponsor open source projects that prove to be innovative and make use of MS technologies such as the .Net framework.


Nov 17, 2008
I think of MS mainly in terms of Windows. I don't know how much they make on other products but I would guess that they sell more units of Windows than anything else.

I think they should focus on the end user, and improve the experience for them. Make it easier to install and maintain programs, move as much as possible away from the registry and into each program's own set of folders.

I think they should improve networking for the average home user. A business user has resources to get his network going, a home user does not. Make it as much plug and play as a home telephone or television.

Make Windows smaller and faster. Maybe it gets larger as you add features, but look for ways to improve efficiency as well.

I don't think they need very many versions of Windows, maybe one for the average home user that includes multimedia stuff, a business version with the advanced networking features, and a basic version for netbooks and so forth.

I think they should focus on Windows vs. MAC in terms of doing an objective comparison and fixing anything that Windows doesn't do as well as MAC. Listen to the negative criticism of MAC users and fix it, until there is nothing left for them to criticize.

I think they can and should make it more secure. I think they can tell when a program is trying to run through the browser vs. the user executing the command from the keyboard. The antivirus community can do it, Microsoft should be much better at it than they are.


If i could rule M$ i would release all the source direct into public domain, close down the company and enjoy life.


Sep 20, 2007
If I was in charge at Microsoft I would give myself and those I liked outstanding bonuses over and over until the company is on the verge of collapsing only to get bailed out by the US government in which I will be unhappy at the huge amount given and simply give myself more bonuses and continue to get bailed out. Oh and I would bring back Ensemble studios.


Mar 9, 2009
Ditch OneCare!
Worst thing ever made by MS.
Base all the products like Apple does;
- You want to do your work at home? Got an iMac.
- You're at work, need a powerhouse? Got Mac Pro.
- You're on the go? Got MacBook, Macbook Pro or MacBook Air.
- You want to watch a movie? Apple TV.
- You want to listen to music in the metro? Got iPod.
- You want to make a phone call? Got iPhone.
- You need to get some networking and back-up done? You get get TimeCapsule/AirPort Extreme.

All with the latest updated hardware, although very expensive, but all compatible with each other...
I think they should concentrate on making things work together, they will boost sales and make happier people...
Although then we will have the Microsoft families and the Apple families.


Jul 19, 2008
I would like most of you say drop a lot of fluff in the OS, I work at a computer store and have people all day long just want Xp for that simple fact, even many gamers. Now 7 is a little better but for the average person who does not want to go out and buy software everytime a new OS it is not and I would make things more backwards compatible. And stop changing the driver system every time too! And as far as office i would drop the ribbon!!!!
All those things DO work well together.

For me...

-Work at home? My PCs
-Work at work, There PCs :p (Windows and Unix)
-On the go? Any old laptop with XP/Vista
-Watch a movie? WDTV and a usb flash drive :p or in my case I have a computer on the TV anyway. Among all the MCE extenders and file players around now days. Surprised... Apple did not invent a video play back device first at all
-Listen to music on the go? Yup...my Zen takes care of that. OMG Apple did not make the first Mp3 player either.
-Make a phone call? Sure what ever phone you use, its not related to your home system at that point now is it. For me i just need a PHONE. Guess what Apple's iPhone(a name they actually copied from Cisco) while great is NOT the first smart phone either. and releasing without flash and Java and claiming all the internet in your hands was a nice lie.
-Network/Backups, No clue why you put those together, but anyway. Gigabit(Happens to be Dlink with Jumbo Frame support) lan for all systems. Wireless N(Another Dlink Unit, before was a SMC G of my choice) if I ever need it. Backup? Last time I checked almost every external hard drive system. I personally use Second Copy for its fast and automatic features.

Oddly enough, All this stuff ALWAYS works together(and i have the choice of low cost $300 systems or $5000 power houses, what ever fits my needs). Maybe because most of it runs windows of one kind or another. What was the point again? You want MS to enter the hardware business or something? That would be as wasteful as the IBM/Clone thing, so why waste money.

Do not get me wrong here, Apple has a great line up, but i am not about to drop a bunch of working equipment just because Apple tells me to. Its not like i have constant problems oddly enough I can do all that creative stuff under windows even if apple claims that PC's can not(Photoshop + Babmoo, Video editing with MANY options, play games) even listen to music because they are only good for office work. My PC never cries it self to sleep mode either. Funny how those commercials full of lies where ever allowed on the air in the first place.


Jan 21, 2009
There are quite a few things that I would change in general:

1) Stop creating multiple versions of the same operating system. XP is by far one of their greatest operating systems, and I do not see why they would need/want to focus on multiple versions. Indeed, Vista and Windows 7 will all be the same at the core level, but it is pretty ridiculous.

2) Stop bothering with so many patents.

3) Start supporting open source.

4) Stop being lazy and "all-powerful."

5) Become more involved with the community of Windows users and find out exactly what they want. Putting unneeded things into operating systems is obviously unneeded.

6) Reestablish technical support in the United States, rather than India. It is difficult to talk to someone from India, and it would be really nice if each country had their own support center for their own country.

7) Stop rushing new versions of Directx. They are talking about Directx 11, and DX10 hasn't even gotten off the ground much. Why? Because gamers would have to use Vista, which is of course the main reason. And number two, it means buying a lot of new hardware/software. And three, there are practically no games on the market that support DX10.

8) Charge less for operating systems and other business/school related software. It is a shame for Microsoft Office to be upwards of $120 for a STUDENT version. I am in college and would have gladly gotten Microsoft Office, but at that price? No way! Open Office is great for me, and anyone reading this should check it out.

9) Get rid of Steve Ballmer. He is not a good CEO, and he is giving the company a bad reputation with the way he acts. Just search youtube and you can see some of the things he has said and done.

- Xbox division
I personally do not own an Xbox 360, but I do own an original Xbox. Microsoft is obviously the newest kid on the block as far as consoles go, but they have done a pretty good job with the 360. I am still hesitant to purchase a 360 because I read/hear all the time about the "red ring of death" occurring to so many people. Hardware failures can happen to anything, but I really think they have a problem with theirs. Maybe a little bit of long term testing under variable conditions would help? Do a little bit of PR and find out what people want in a console? There is a such thing as mixing hardcore/family friendly games together on one machine at a family friendly price.

- Windows operating system
I enjoy using Windows XP, but this will probably be my last operating system from Microsoft if I do not see an improvement with Windows 7, of which everyone is so "excited" about. I do not see why they are so excited! It's Vista in a nutshell!

- Online search
They should just give up on the online search. Google is far superior, and I cannot imagine Microsoft ever winning. They think they are the best at everything even when they are getting stomped, which is part of their problem.

- Zune/Music
I have never used or owned a Zune, but I have heard good things about them. Just make them affordable is about all I can say.

- Internet Explorer
Create an entirely new browser - from scratch. Internet Explorer + any computer = surefire death. It is TRASH, and it does not hold up against the evil of the internet. It is not secure, and it has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

- Office
Seems decent, but overpriced. I do not care much for the new 2007 version. My dad had bought Powerpoint 2007 once, and I had been using Powerpoint 2003: I said, "Take it back". Unfortunately, that is not at all possible, so we were out of the money.

- Servers
Microsoft doesn't even use their own server products; they use Linux. That explains it 100%.


Sep 16, 2006
Convert the company into the biggest toilet paper company in the world!!!!!

Then give out DirectX source code!

Then buy Europe, and move to the south of france.


Jul 20, 2006
MrF, Cuddles, and svensolen:

ADHD much?

Seriously, why start an argument of such a scope over what Ballmer is wearing in his left ear? It's not an earring. Just admit that much and move on. Whether or not anyone's a Windows, Linux, or Mac user is irrelevant.


Mar 26, 2009
1) Stop design-by-committee
2) Fire 90% of HR and the lawyers
3) Stop worrying about politically offending customers/employees and get back to true innovation. (Win 7 is a good start)

ISpyAMoose... XP is just about right for a Canadian who's 10 years in the past. You're a kid and you haven't experienced anything yet, so just read, because your comments are banal.
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