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Feb 20, 2019
I am looking for more infos on this setting on my asus Strix Gaming z790-e board / 13700k
I am getting coil whine from moving the mouse at higher polling rate and some coil whine coming from the motherboard VRM. I managed to reduce it a bit by lowering vcore but I read this setting car help.

However i don't understand what it does and what are those settings "False / True" and the number associated with it.

Does someone has some more infos about it?



If you stand next to a transformer, you're going to hear the same sort of whine/buzzing just on a larger scale. Anything that has power flowing through it will end up being a noisy environment. That being said, what BIOS version are you on at this moment of time? Asus have in the past released BIOS versions to mitigate VRM temps and in some cases, the noise coming off said power delivery once they were notified of it via forums/testers/reviewers.

Make and model of your PSU and it's age?

Does someone has some more infos about it?

I gather your BIOS has a setting called "Acoustic Noise Mitigation" and that's what you're asking about?

Only a guess on my part but it might do something like change the switching frequency of the CPU VRM.

"Coil whine" you hear is because the VRM switches it's FET's on and off at a very high frequency...usually in the 200-300Khz very high currents are being turned off and on at that rate. That can make the coils vibrate at a sub-multiple of that frequency, something in the audible range. It's kind of like the same way a voice coil on a speaker works. Changing the frequency might push the vibration into an in-audible range or into a range where the coils don't resonate.

The BIOS setting might also change the phase duty cycle...or how many of the phases are being used during light current loading. Turning on more phases during light loading means each phase is passing a much lighter current at a time and so there's less energy to vibrate its coil even though more energy over-all is being used.

The side effect of each of these mitigations is lowered efficiency of the VRM during lightly loaded conditions such as when just mousing around a web page in a browser.
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Nov 5, 2022
The Asus Z690 BIOS manual says:
"Enabling this option will help mitigate acoustic noise on certain SKUs when the CPU is in deeper C state."

This makes sense, because I know that disabling C-states can help to reduce coil whine.