Question Question about getting wifi to work with poker

Oct 18, 2022
I have windstream dsl and i use a windstream modem connected to Asus AC1900O router. I am having problems with poker tables not opening on my desktop but they open fine if i try on my laptop which is connected by wifi. The poker site asked if i have tried it with my desktop using wifi. Is this even possible? Doesn't my my dsl cable have to be plugged into my desktop to establish a connection?
Not sure why they would think it is a problem with the ethernet connection on your pc. Most time ethernet is more stable and if it function for general web stuff then it is not a actual network issue but some conflict with the software.

The DSL connection does not plug into your desktop it plugs into the modem which then connects to your router. |

Your pc just connects to the router via ethernet nothing special. Other than one being wireless there really is no difference between a wifi connectio and a ethernet connection.

If you really want to connect via wifi from your desktop you will need a wifi card of some kind in the desktop. Some have them built into the motherboard others you must add a card or use a USB wifi device. It should work fine on ethernet.

Your router is already convertering the wifi from the laptop to ethernet which then connects to the modem so it is not a wifi/ethernet problem. It is much more likely there is some software issue on your desktop and wifi card will have the same issue.