Question Question About Graphics Card Hookup To A KVM Switch With Adapter

Ariel Schnee

Nov 1, 2017
Video Card: .

Switch: .

Adapter: .

Monitor: HP LE1901w .

Use: Playing Steam games at 1024X768 .

What I want to know is, will this adapter work to hook this graphics card up to that kvm switch? Will it actually show anything on the monitor? Or will I have wasted my money, and it show only a blank screen then?

Let me know.
I assume you have another pc that is using a old style VGA connection ?
Having a KVM in the path makes things tricky even when you are not trying to convert things.

It should work your pc thinks the kvm is a old vga monitor and the KVM should think your video card has a old style vga connector. I would hook directly to the monitor first to be sure all this stuff works.

It has been a very long time since I looked at anything that used VGA ports.