Question Question about my new monitor's blue light filter


This is for the Viewsonic xg270. Official documentation states that level 0 for their blue light filter slider is the blue light filter being turned all the way up, promising an 87% reduction in blue light emission. I find that my monitor's display looks a lot brighter, with a higher concentration of blue when the setting is set to 0, whereas when I have it at 100 my colors look dimmer, less vibrant, and less blue. It seems like they got this in reverse, but I really don't know. I want to reduce eye strain as much as possible, so I wish to have the blue light filter turned all the way on. I just don't understand how/why everything looks brighter and more colorful when I supposedly have the filter fully applied.
Because it's not 0-100 for blue light, it's 0-100 for blue light filter. 0% blue filter SHOULD be a lot more blue than 100% blue filter. At maximum blue filter, it SHOULD be the least blue.