Question about running crysis on very high setting

8800GT = 9800GT. After that, it depends on the clocks manufactures used.

I point out, the 8800/9800GT is a good card, but is getting on at this point, and simply doesn't have the muscle for a game like Crysis.


May 19, 2008
Im playing crysis (the original) everything on very high 1920x1440 no AA@approx 45-50 fps (by fraps) with the cards at 750/1512/1100 (gtx 260 sli)


Sep 27, 2008
not true I have amd athlon 64 dual core with 3 gig of memory and a zotac geforce 9800gt over clock ddr3 512 pci-e 2.0 and have crysis on very high and works perfectly, no problems at all, runs smooth. I think my card does better than my ATI hdcard.

Ok first 8800GT's in SLI work beautifully as far as scaling is concerned and this is mainly down to the maturity of the drivers, remember the card has been around for a while now so you would hope they would have it right by now. And by the way i wouldnt go as far as fanboy but i prefer ATI

@ travismontana
You dont mention which athlon 64 dual core or what your screen res etc is and you also dont mention which ATI card you are talking about. As such your statement dosent actually mean anything.
Care to elabourate :)



Oct 31, 2007

hmmm dont know about that, in dx9 hacked to very high except with physics, textures and object quality on high, with the natural mod, my 4870 handles it just fine at 1400x900. Oc'd to 800/1050 2xaa is playable with 30fps average, and my subsytem is a bit poo too (e6300@2.8ghz, 3gb ram, xp 32, sluggish 250gb hdd). 1600x1200 with a fast subsystem and a moderately oc'd 4870 1gb or stock gtx216 would do dx9 v.high very very well. What benchmarking sites dont explain is the hit very high physics, textures and choosing dx10 over dx9 makes on average fps. a gtx 285 would be overkill for anything less than 1900x1200.



For one my friend has geforce 9800gt and it runs crysis a solid 40 to 60 fps at very high everything
This topic again.

Well, my 4870x2 runs it at very high, 19x12 with 4xAA. Playable at least to me (30fps avg). However, I rarely go past the entrance to the alien ship if I was to replay it so take that for what you will.
Really? My pair of 4870x2s is only playable at 19x12 with 2xAA to me, with some sections playable at 4x (when I had a single one, it wasn't playable with any AA, though it could do 19x12 very high just fine). Maybe I'm just pickier than you are...
At 4x, it drops as low as 20 in some places, which I find too slow. At 2x, it stays 30+ everywhere, and 40+ in most places. It's playable at 4x in most places, but (especially in the snow region, IIRC) it's under 30fps in a few spots.