Question on evga gtx 260 C216


Jul 21, 2009
Hey All,

Kind of a newb question about an evga gtx 260 core 216 graphics card. I'm in the process of building my 1st computer and I powered it on for the 1st time and I realized that there are two 6 pin power connectors on this particular video card. I want to know if i should connect both of them in or only one because all I have is a single video card setup. I was thinking that maybe you should only connect both PCI-E 6 pin connectors if you have an SLI setup and if you have only one connect a single PCI-E but I could be wrong on this. I did some searching about this and nothing turned up and evga's manual is kind of vague it just says that there are two power connections. Any help is appreciated and again sorry if this is kind of a newb question.


Dec 25, 2008
I'm bout to go SLI with the same card. Good you put this here will be nice to get a reply from someone, and now I wont have to wait for when mine arrives. :D I have a feeling you still only use one of them though, as if you went 3 way SLI there are not all 3 to plug in.