Question Questions about replacing PSU + ongoing computer failure

Jan 6, 2020
Hello, some of you may remember me from earlier in the month, when I posted two threads:
Summary: failing graphics card, and most likely a failing PSU. Things got bad enough that I had to mothball the computer completely and await new parts.
Intel Core(TM) i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz
Intel 8 Series Chipset SATA AHC1 Controller
Realtek 8821AE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Kingston RBU-SC4 SCSI
Matshita BD-CMB UJ160 CdRom
500w power supply
Windows 7

There were some shipping issues, but I finally got my new power supply. It's my first time changing a power supply; had a few questions, so I don't break anything.

Having trouble with the interior cables. I got the power cables unplugged from both harddrives and the graphics card without much trouble. The motherboard looks like it has two sets of cables: a smaller 8 pin one, and a bigger 24 pin one. The 8 pin also came out without much trouble.

However, the 24 pin is NOT coming out easily. There's a little latch/lever on the side of the large connector, but depressing the lever doesn't seem to help. I'm concerned about applying too much pressure as I can see the motherboard starting to rattle as I pull. Is there a trick to getting the large motherboard cable out, or do I just yank it as hard as possible?

I'm also having trouble with what looks like my old CD/DVD drive. There's a black and white pin connector a few inches from the rear of the DVD drive. Not sure if I'm supposed to separate the black bit from the white bit, or yank the entire cable out of the drive itself. I'm guessing the former, but not having much luck either way.

Also, would there be any other connections I need to worry about? My PC case is fairly large and mostly open, but some of the cables are looped behind a metal section that I can neither open nor get a visual on, so if it sounds like I'm missing something (2 motherboard connections, 2 harddrive connections, GPU, CD drive) please let me know.

Vic 40

About the 24pin,pull firmly with latch pushed,but do not "yank"! Just keep applying this force until it comes out. See if wiggling wil help abit. Also don't pull by the cable,but grab the connector

Don't know if old and new psu are both modular,but if so use new psu with it's own cables.

have a hard time to get what you say about the dvd player so if attached to one another don't split. Can post a picture.

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Jan 6, 2020
Hi; got caught up with work on new semester; but managed to replace the PSU. The 24 pin was a little warped, but I got it out; the DVD player needed to be physically wedged apart, but that worked in the end too.

I no longer have issues with the computer crashing under moderate load; haven't tried pushing my GPU yet, but I've been able to run games and video without crashing every couple minutes. Definite improvement there. I also have not noticed problems with the power locking itself on, or rebooting every few seconds.

However, I am still having issues with periodic lockups and freezes. The freezes are infrequent, maybe once or twice in the last week, but they are still a thing, and have not been resolved by the new PSU.

-edit - Got home, and now the monitor's dead. Is it possible that something - wiring, maybe? Faulty surge protector? - is frying my power cables? Also, is there any way to use a Win10 laptop screen as a "monitor" for a Win7 desktop PC?
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