Questions about upgrading & compatibility


Nov 16, 2017
So i've been doing a lot of reading about it and the more i read, the more i cannot trust my opinion
I purely do gaming like PUBG - RS6 - BF1 and some other offline games like Rise of the tomb raider - Resident Evil 7 etc along with the usual stuff in the background (VPN - Discord and such)
I would also like to keep the budget at moderate if not low :S
with the current PC i'm able to run all of this without issues except the quiet long loading time it takes to join/load a new game (BF1-RS6), FPS drop with explosions, serious issues with texture and quality (PUBG) and not being able to alt-tab O_O.

** I am not willing to overclock **
I know for a fact that i'd like to keep up with the latest games.
Please keep things as simple as possible ... i don't wanna brain lag ^^

I currently have the below

- CPU Intel Core I5-2310 2.9 up to 3.20 6M Cache
- Motherboard Asus P8B75-M Socket 1155
- Ram Kingston Hyper X Blu 2 x 4GB
- GPU Zotac GeForce® GTX 970 Dual Fan
- Power Supply HEC-600TE-2WX 80 PLUS 600W
- Hard Drive Seagate 2TB

1- If i am to upgrade to a higher CPU which generation can i go for in order to have the best performance jump for gaming out of my GPU?

2- Which motherboard should i be getting most suitable if i'm not gonna overclock yet wants to enjoy stuff like M.2 (if i'm gonna get SSD) and make the most out of the GPU (and if possibly benefit from anything extra that you guys can suggest)?
I've read a lot about PCIE and HISO, differences between H & Z motherboards but i don't think i can get it around my head.

3- Do i need a better power supply or am i "ok" with this one?

4- How likely getting a SSD would enhance performance? and is it worth getting it or should i invest more into more RAMs?

5- If i'm not gonna overclock .... i don't think water cooling is required aye? (btw i live in Egypt)

phew ... HELP PLEASE !!!


If you want good gaming experience and keep up with new games you should upgrade to a more relevant system from the current generation of platforms.

1- Most important for gaming are GPU and to a lesser extent the CPU. It all depends on your budget and what resolution and frame rate you want to play at. There's a huge difference between gaming at 60 frames per second at full HD and gaming at +60 FPS at higher resolutions like 2K or 4K. I think the best (fastest) CPU you can run on the current board is a Core i7-3770K.

2- Any good quality motherboard is OK as long as it supports the platform you want to get (AMD vs Intel). Different CPUs and capacities. To make the most out of the GPU all you basically need to make sure is to get a CPU that does not seriously bottleneck the GPU.

3- Yes those are mediocre PSUs and you need a good reliable unit from good PSU makes depending on what system you want to get, especially what GPU.

4- SSDs enhance system speed in terms of boot time and load time of games and levels. No impact on game performance in terms of frames per second. A good SATA SSD is good enough I guess. I would spend the extra from not getting M.2 or NVMe drives on better GPU and CPU.

5- Yes air cooling is good enough if you don't plan to increase voltage for overclocking and the system is not going under full load for long periods of time.



Nov 16, 2017

I'd normally like to play games at "High" resolution without freezing or crashing on Full HD ...
I'm not going for a new GPU anytime soon as it's way overpriced in Egypt (pretty much everything electronics-related)
I think i pretty much have 2 options and correct me if i'm wrong

1- a slight increase of performance would come from the I7-3700K (if ever was found in market will be used) with a reliable PSU + SSD

2- a noticeable increase would come from something like an I5-4690K with a reliable PSU + SSD which will need a new Motherboard hence more expensive upgrade :/

leaving it all to the budget to finalize? or does it even make a difference?