Questions concerning SCSI drive array - mirroring, RAID 1?


Jan 4, 2012
I have and older Server (dell 1600 SC) that has 2 scsi drives in a raid one configuration. I have a newer poweredge dell server that is my main server now. Both servers are running windows server 2008. I would like to convert the older 1600 sc to a backup storaqe solution. Is it possible to add a sas controller to the older unit so that I might use 2, 2 tb drives in a raid one configutation. I would like to keep the os on the 2 scsi drives and put the data for backup on the 2tb drives. Dont really know if it will work and what sas controller to try. Thanks
Then performance probably is important. What size drives will you use? Since 600 GB is the largest size that you can buy for 10K and 15K RPM drives (7200 RPM SAS drives provide no benefits over 7200 RPM SATA drives), I presume that you'll use RAID 0+1 because you'll need at least 8 drives to meet your 2 TB size requirement.

Here's a list of LSI PCI-X SAS controllers: