Question Questions for AMD CPU and/or Radeon Graphics Card Users

Feb 18, 2019
For the last 20-25 years, I have used both hand-me-down and new computers running off of Intel CPUs. At one point, I had purchased a laptop that used a Radeon GPU for gaming purposes. Both my current and previously built desktop gaming PCs used Asus variants of Nvidia GTX 770 and GTX 970 graphics cards. I am considering either rebuilding or replacing my current gaming PC, monitor, and other accessories later this year after I am finished with graduate school. However, I have concerns that both Intel and Nvidia's pricing methods for their high end CPUs and GPUs may be spiraling out of control. I also have concerns about additional security vulnerabilities and security patch performance penalties with Intel's Core CPUs. These issues are leading me to consider the possibility of switching over to AMD CPUs and/or Radeon GPUs for my next gaming PC build. However, I will make a decision either after AMD releases its new generation of CPUs this summer that are to replace their current lineup or if their upcoming Navi GPUs include a high-end model that is more powerful than the Radeon VII and are released within a few months after the new CPUs if the rumors that I have heard are true. Before I proceed any further I wish to point out that I am not brand specific or brand loyal to either Intel or Nvidia even though I have used their products for some time. I focus on both reliability and components that best meet my needs for gaming. It is possible that I may go with an Intel/Nvidia, AMD/Radeon, Intel/Radeon, or AMD/Nvidia setup for my next build. It is not my intention to bring up either an Intel/AMD or Nvidia/Radeon debate. I am only seeking advice and information which may help me decide whether or not to make the switch to AMD and/or Radeon for gaming. The questions that I have are listed below:

1. I would like to play both recent and current games at maximum settings in HDR at 4K, but I am willing to switch to 1440p and 1080p if necessary at least at or around 60 fps. I do not plan to overclock. If I understand correctly (you can correct me if I am wrong), AMD Ryzen 7 2700X is AMD's most powerful mainline CPU. As it currently stands, would the Ryzen 2700X and/or Radeon VII be capable of playing games at the mentioned game settings?

2. What are the chances that AMD will release a GPU that is more powerful than the Radeon VII this year?

3. Based on the current Ryzen 2700X capabilities, would it work with an Nvidia RTX 2070, 2080, or 2080 Ti without trouble on high or max settings? Again, I do not plan to overclock.

4. In addition to playing current games, would the Ryzen 2700X and/or Radeon VII be able to play older games such as the Mass Effect and Crysis game trilogies and even older games like 1980s and 1990s point-and-click games from websites like Steam and without trouble?

5. I usually keep a gaming desktop PC build for three to four years and try to upgrade my graphics card after 18 months or two years. Based on your experiences with past AMD CPUs, if I used an AMD CPU setup such as the successor to the Ryzen 2700X, would I need to consider upgrading the CPU at least one generation newer when upgrading the graphics card if the successor CPU to the one that I have uses the same socket and is backwards compatible with my motherboard, regardless of whether the graphics card is a successor to the Radeon VII or possible high-end Navi GPU or an Nvidia RTX 2070, 2080, or 2080 Ti, or would that same AMD CPU that I used when building the PC be able to handle the demands of the newer graphics card? Again, I do not plan to overclock.

6. In addition to gaming, I am also a certified drone pilot. I fly a drone that has 4K video capability. If I do a drone startup business after graduate school, I will take aerial photos and videos for customers. I will also likely do basic editing like combining video files, adding music, or adding basic animation. I do not plan to do Hollywood level studio editing. As it currently stands, would the Ryzen 2700X and Radeon VII be capable of performing these tasks?

7. Lastly, I would appreciate recommendations on 4K HDR Gaming Freesync 2 or Nvidia G-Sync/Freesync capable monitors if I go with an AMD CPU and Radeon GPU setup.

Thanks in advance.
Feb 23, 2019
I'm not an expert in AMD GPUs or CPUs in particular, but in response to your sixth question, I think the 2700X and Radeon VII should handle mainstream video editing apps perfectly fine. Premiere Pro, for example, runs decently on integrated graphics, so I think your 16GB Radeon should breeze through it. In fact, my legacy Athlon X2/Radeon HD 7770 combo can actually do some moderate 3D modeling and rendering, some of the most resource-intensive tasks.
I'm sorry I couldn't give you an answer to any of your other questions but I'm new to this forum and wanted to contribute something.


Feb 16, 2019
the answer to your questions are
  1. yes
  2. not likely' the NAVI architecture is supposed to be more midrange from what I know.
  3. yes, mostly. for super high FPS gaming I would go Intel
  4. yes
  5. not sure at the moment as I have not yet been able to figure out how to predict the future. check with me in the future....
  6. I sir am a certified couch weight, I currently own a Ryzen/Radeon vii combo and all I can tell you is that I get super high FPS while I play Minecraft and SURF the interweb for bottlenecks. from what I know you can not only RayTrace with this thing, you can use it to communicate with extraterrestrials, although for some reason they never talk back to me.
  7. I have a Samsung 4k@60hz and am truly thinking of going back to a high refresh 1440p monitor