[SOLVED] Quiet 1080 Ti AIB recommendations?

A friend of mine would like to purchased a used GTX 1080 Ti that is quiet. I recommended the EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Hybrid, however they appear to be fetching a moderate premium on Ebay. Any AIB and model suggestions?

specs: Ryzen 5 3600 / 16GB RAM / 1440p 144 Hz display.

Additional question: Purchase budget is $400 - $450 USD. Is that reasonable or over-paying, compared to similar budget in the new market?
400-450 seems awfully high. You can buy a 2070 Super for around 500 and sometimes under now which in many games is pretty close to performance of a 1080ti


300-400 is a way more of acceptable price range IMO. Also GPUs do have life spans, typically 5 years for a gaming card. Also many 1080tis were used as mining cards.

Now answering your original question, almost all non-reference cars perform a pretty much identically in cooling and noise. There are always exceptions but usually the db level is a few points difference. Three fan cards tend to run on the cooler side and therefor the fans spin the slowest so they are probably also the quietest. If he really wants silence then he should buy a water block for the card and put it on a radiator.
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Mar 9, 2020
If your friend doesn't mind about the appearance, I'd go with 1080ti with a simple blower and replace it with Accelero Xtreme cooler. It's super quiet and super effective.
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