R5 2600 bottleneck info.

Nov 7, 2018
I plan on getting an rx 590 after like a month or two of using my rig. But for that period, i kinda only have a 750Ti as a sub gpu to use with the system. How much of a bottleneck will it realistically cause and is there any potential harm i could do running that gpu with this rig specifically:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600, stock settings
Ram: 2x8gb, 16GB Kit 3000mhz Hyper X Predator C15
Storage: WD Green 240gb SSD/ WD Blue 1TB HDD
GPU: MSI Gtx 750ti 2gb
PSU: EVGA 500w 80+ bronze

Also, i do plan on changing my PSU to a 600w 80+ once i get the rx 590 but would it be possible to use this system with the rx 590 on a 500w 80+ Bronze evga PSU? To keep it as a backup if needed or maybe even as a main if it's safe. According to various PSU calcs it is doable with the max load being 390w, and the recommended wattage 440w which the 500w can easily cover, but i just wanna check.


If I were you I'd pick a PSU that has ample headroom. The RX 590 + entire system will need 600W of power from the PSU so I'd either look at a 650W unit or a 750W unit made by a reputable brand and of reliable build quality. Wattage isn't the entire story with PSU's.

About your GPU, I'd say just tinker with in-game settings to see what works best for you at the desired resolution. Also game dev's code their games differently and no every system is the exact replica of the other.

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