Question R5 5600x dont pass 10% of usage

Jan 20, 2023
I bought a rtx 3070 recently together with a r5 5600x but my CPU dont go further than 5% of usage. I tested with xmp on and off but continues the same. i didnt any overcloking .

the frame rate, comparin to internet test, are lower and get some stutterings by the gameplay

Setup: power supply : cossair 750cx
Mother Board: ASRock steel legend B450M
RAM: Glowy 3200Mhz
GPU: rtx 3070 MSI ventus
CPU: R5 5600x


Feb 19, 2012
Gpu temps is reaching 83°
Cpu around 60 ~ 78°
I got a 120mm simole water cooler
My bios is in The lates update
It may be some option in the BIOS. Perhaps if you can get the clock up to around 4.2 or 4.4 GHz all the time without downward fluctuations things will be different. Make sure though not to touch the voltage or anything you do not understand because there is a great possibility you may burn out and break the machine.

These are my two cents. The last time I've done anything serious was when I overclocked my Core i7-3770K to 5 GHz (around 2013-2014). There were many options in the BIOS that needed changing and it was a huge investment in time and immersion in particular aspects. I kinda hate myself for not making a video of how I managed to get the processor to such speed as many of the options I've changed (for example - for stable voltage) could have been very helpful for other people and in solving different problems.

So as I am pretty out of date I can only give you an outline and no viable explanation or really viable advice.
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Jan 20, 2023
Thank you, guys. I'll tri to install windows from zero again and re instal all drives.
Maybe if i change the Mother bord for a better one ould solve the problem?
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