Question R9 270X Dead after update ?

Oct 19, 2020
After the last AMD driver update, the system rebooted, I logged on, the screen flashed, all the beautiful colours of rainbow then BLACK...
I rebooted nothing.
I check in the bios and the card wasn't even recognised in the Pci-e slot. I removed it , cleaned the fans, reapplied thermal paste, still the bios wouldn't see the card it was DEAD.
I used my old MSI gt 730 and ran DDU and then reinstalled the previous working AMD drivers, still the R9 270X was dead.
So my question is: Is it possible that the driver update destroyed my gpu ?
If so OMG !
I don't OC, I don't mine BTC, i am just a happy casually gamer, maybe 6 hours a week.

Has anyone else suffered the same?

My system is (please don't laugh)
CPU - A8-5600k
GPU - R9 270x
Mobo - MSI A68 E33 V1
Ram - 16gb
PSU - Thermaltake RGB 650watt

Considering a GTX 1650 super to replace it, not worried about bottlenecks, as i see it as an investment for a future upgrade.