Question R9 Fury Windforce black screening and crashing computer


Jun 23, 2014
Hi Guys, currently trying to solve a very frustrating issue with my GPU, I've had two of these cards now with the exact same issue. The first card I had and Immediately had the Issue, I RMA'd it and the second one worked perfectly for nearly a year and a half before producing the exact same issue.
The issue occurs usually after 20 minutes of high load, the screen will turn black but audio will continue for approximately 5 seconds, the GPU fans spin to 100% and I have to hold the power button to force the computer to shutdown. this seems to occur at high but random temperatures, I've seen it occur at as low as 69c or as high as 85c.

Things I've already tried:
-Tested in another System, was able to reproduce although it took longer.
-I have replaced CPU, Motherboard, RAM and PSU over the course of 2 years.
-Underclocked and undervolted, able to reproduce at -100MHZ and -40mV (Wattman and MSI Afterburner separately)
-Increased Fan Speed, able to reproduce at 70% Fan, sounded like a jet.
-Switched to Secondary Bios, Overall lowered temperatures but no other change.
-Switched Pci Lanes, cleaned the connectors and the PCI Lanes.
-Physically inspected the PCI Cables both ends, no obvious damage.
-Multiple Fresh Installs of Windows and GPU Drivers.
-Tested PSU, outputting correct voltage.
-Sent GPU to Gigabyte and they "repaired it".

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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