Question Radeon 5700XT multi-monitor display port issues


Jul 19, 2011
Hi all,

I THINK this is a GPU problem, it's possible there is a monitor problem but I figured I would try here first.

First thing first, I bought a Dell 34in Widescreen gaming monitor.. I currently have a 4k LOC 27" monitor. The first monitor Dell sent me had issues with soft colors on the left side of the monitor which was a clearly defective product (please note, both the AOC and Dell monitor worked fine connected via display port together).

Dell promptly sent me a replacement monitor. I unplugged my AOC monitor and connected the new dell monitor to my GPU (having both the defective monitor and new monitor connected to compare the problems with the colors) Voila! The colors issue is fixed and the new monitor appears to be working just fine.

I reconnect the AOC monitor and then connect the new dell monitor both through display port. My AOC monitor starts to flicker.. the new dell monitor reads "DP not found, going to standby mode" The AOC monitor continues to lag and flicker periodically while I can barely move my cursor. I disconnect the dell monitor and the AOC monitor works like a charm. I get an error from ATI about a bug with drivers and do I want to send a report.

I wiped the Radeon drivers, did a factory reset install for drivers, and I am able to use the Dell monitor via HDMI and the AOC monitor via display port simultaneously. However, if I try connecting the Dell monitor via display port (even stand alone or alongside the AOC monitor) I run into the same issues.

I've tried factory resets on the monitors and GPU, power cycling, three different DP cables and nothing seems to work. I am going to take the monitor to my brothers today and see if it works on his set up but I'm not sure what else to do.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you