News Radeon RX 7900 Golden Rabbit Edition 16GB GPU Reportedly Launches On July 28

Nope, you’re correct, this would be THE mid tier card, though it might not be cheap enough for that segment.
Yeah, there's always that possibility.
That’s if you don’t care about nvidia stuff barely used by any games and you prefer their upscaling.
Well, the last 13 cards that I've purchased have all been Radeons so it's safe to assume that I don't care about nVidia stuff. ;)
I think the problem is that they do not want to cannibalize the sales of the 7900XT and XTX in non-china markets.

To be fair, its not like it is the first time people have a problem with GPUs and their prices.
We just went thou the crypto boom and I think people learned some patience (and even giving up on pc gaming) after that.

At least sales of current gpus and their price drops seem to suggest that is the case.