Oct 4, 2011
I have two Intel 520 120GB. 1 for game, 1 for windows. Should i put it in Raid 0 or not?
Can i do it with ASUS p8z77-v deluxe's RAID controller??


Jun 13, 2006
I'd actually say it's not worth it - eggs in one basket approach (one fails, you lose it all). But if you keep them separate, then you minimize potential problems.

However, saying that, I am running a couple of intel's older SSDs in a RAID 0 for my OS and haven't had too many problems. My reasoning was because they're 80GB's, and I needed more than that for my C:. But if I could afford a single 240, I'd like that route best.

The speed gain doing a RAID0 with SSDs isn't night and day difference, but it is somewhat noticeable, none the less.

Raid-0 will give you stellar synthetic sequential benchmark numbers using high queue lengths and overlapped I/o.
But, that is not what we do.
The value of a SSD is in the random access times which are wonderful compared to a hard drive.
With raid-0, you lose trim support which can impact your performance as the drive fills up.

I tried it in the past with two 80gb drives to get a single 160gb image for my "C" drive. It worked OK.
Later, I replaced them with a single 160gb drive, and the performance was the same, if not a bit better.

-------------bottom line-----------------
Don't bother.