IMO i would return those drives asap. I've had horrible luck with corsair ssds, 3 dead in a matter of 8 months. If you read through their forums you will see many many complaints on their drives.

That being said, why are you wanting to run these in any form of raid?

Someone else's comparison of 0 + 1 and 1 + 0.


Dec 25, 2010
RAID 10 is always the way to go, that being said I think you're be better off going with 2 larger SSDs and mirroring them if you're really concerned about reliability. RAID 10 is still MORE likely to fail than RAID1 due to the increased number of drives and with SSDs, the performance benfit from striping is marginal. If you are more concerned about performance, I'd go with 1 large/fast SSD as opppsed to using RAID. SSD's are extremely quick even when not in a RAID configuration. If you do go with RAID, make sure your controller supports TRIM passthrough otherwise your performance will degrade overtime on the drives, more than cancelling out any benefit you got by striping them.